05 September 2007

Oziana 2005 - The Countryside Issue

Oziana is the creative magazine of the International Wizard of Oz Club, featuring the best available new Oz short fiction and poetry. The magazines contain original stories and poetry, fully illustrated. Oziana 2005 was “The Countryside Issue,” offering three tales set outside the Emerald City.

In “Jinjur’s Journal,” by Loralee Petersen with drawings by Kevenn T. Smith, General Jinjur describes settling down on a dairy farm after her swift retirement as queen, as chronicled in The Marvelous Land of Oz.

Peter Schulenburg’s comic poem “The Patchwork Girl’s Pet,” illustrated by Pratt Institute graduate Sheena Hisiro, follows Scraps on a quest for a special friend.

“The Red Desert of Oz” is an exciting adventure from Nathan M. DeHoff, with artwork by John Mundt, Esq. The Scarecrow and Button-Bright’s journey through the desert kingdom of Aldehydea turns dire as they discover a plot against Glinda--and cobras that can suck the magic out of anyone, even her!

Rounding out this issue are puzzles and wraparound cover art by Kevenn T. Smith, colored by magazine art director Marcus Mébès.

($5.00, 28 pages, 10,000 words. Write in order code O05 on the Oz Club order form.)

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