16 November 2008

Weekly Robin Holiday Extra

Godson (right) and Godson's Brother last month on Halloween.

I swear I had nothing to do with Godson's choice to dress as Robin. Absolutely nothing. If asked, I could have made the case that Robin's the most heroic of the household-name superheroes because he's the least super. But my godfatherly advice was not sought. Which, I now posit, confirms the character's inherent appeal for some kids.

Godson's Brother chose Superman, and explained to me that he didn't need the version of the costume with the fake chest muscles. None of us could figure out why all the normally-red parts of his Superman outfit were brown. Though I can't rule out the possibility that that's an Earth-16 Superman uniform or something, I suspect the explanation is lack of quality control in some east Asian sweatshop.

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