20 November 2008

Let’s Bypass the Elite in Book Design, Too

Showing his continued grasp of his best interests, Samuel J. "Joe The Plumber" Wurzelbacher has chosen to issue his short-awaited book through the PearlGate Publishing website that Thomas Tabback set up to publish his own novel.

Here's Tabback's description of that novel, Things Forgotten:

After a traumatic experience, Bronx Police Officer Paul Kelly awakens in a hospital with no memory. His life and loved ones are all lost to him, but a specter from the past awakens him to an identity more than 3200 years ago. In a time when the heavens still touched the earth and man witnessed the might of God with plain eyes, there lived Nahar, son of Nahath, son of Reuel. Through Nahar's eyes, Paul is about to recall events that would forever change the world, for he dwelt in the Jordan Valley of Canaan, as a chosen people prepared to cross the river into their Promised Land.
Wurzelbacher and Tabback also designed a website with the title SecureOurFreedom.com. Unfortunately, that URL had been claimed by someone else by the time they went live, so they had to go with SecureOurDream.com. Dream, freedom--same thing.

Joe The Plumber explained his choice of publishing partner as "spreading the wealth," though this method will probably spread most of the wealth to Lightning Source, the print-on-demand company. He also told Fox News, "I am not going to a conglomerate," apparently distrusting large monied interests--yet as I recall Joe The Plumber brought himself to media attention as a courageous voice for people earning more than $250,000 per year.

I support Joe The Plumber's freedom/dream to make any publishing or political decision he chooses, disregarding all expert information. After all, he does fine without a professional license. But I do really wish Joe The Plumber would stop supporting "Title Case."

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