23 November 2008

Weakly Robin

I launched the weekly Robin series on 17 Nov 2007, meaning there have been a full year of Oz and Ends postings on that weighty pop-culture topic. Seems longer, doesn't it?

So this week the weekly Robin is taking a rest. But you might find something of interest at Boston 1775, which has been discussing Revolutionary War comics.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I discovered your blog because of the weekly Robin, and await each new post with a measure of the same anticipation that I attach to to "new-comic-book-day." Your insights into the character often mirror my own, and sometimes even give me something new to think about. You also validate my suspicion that Robin fans are curiously loyal minority amongst pop-culture fans.
I chose to comment because I wanted to congratulate you on a year's worth of material dedicated to my favorite superhero(s). Also, I am not anywhere near as tired of reading them as some of your posts indicate you think I (and others) might be. Keep up the good work. And kudos on the Boston 1775 post. I always love Mike Grell's art.

J. L. Bell said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad to know the Oz and Ends readership, small though it might be, includes people with all sorts of interests.

I'm not really wearying of the weekly Robin postings, but I thought that between the two blogs one was enough for one weekend.