26 November 2008

Lasting Legacy

News from Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC, via Playbill:

A "Grand Reopening Celebration" will be held Feb. 11 during which filmmaker George Lucas will receive the Lincoln Medal in honor of his accomplishments, which "exemplify the character and lasting legacy of President Abraham Lincoln."
Lucas/Lincoln. Lincoln/Lucas. Hmmm. Well, they both:
  • have beards.
  • championed the Old Republic.
  • created a multimillion-dollar entertainment conglomerate.
Oh wait, only one of them did that last thing. And the other one led the fight against a rebel alliance and didn't create Jar Jar Binks. So I'm having a little trouble seeing the resemblance.

I suspect that one important point of similarity between Lincoln and Lucas is that they both were willing to go to Ford's Theatre. So awkward to give a medal to someone who won't be there to receive it.


Anonymous said...

Their last names begin with the letter L.

Anonymous said...

Oh. And the second syllable of their last names start with C.

J. L. Bell said...

It's too bad Lucky Luciano isn't still alive to accept this medal.