01 February 2007

One Month Away

Booklist says:

Educated at home and sheltered from the world, Hayley has grown up with her unloving grandmother and inaccessible grandfather. She is suddenly sent to stay with a more freewheeling, affectionate aunt in Ireland. There, her many cousins want nothing more than to play "the Game," which sends each one off on a separate quest in the mythosphere, a magical yet easily accessible place peopled by characters from myths and legends. Events grow stranger and more dreamlike as Hayley, introduced as an orphan, discovers that her parents still live in the mythosphere and, perhaps, she can reunite with them there.
Family relationships continue to be absolutely central to Jones’s work. Even her orphans are hardly ever without families, and her families hardly ever without tensions.

(Thanks to Fuse #8 and Misrule for the tip.)

In other pub date news, Bloomsbury and Scholastic have blinked at the competition from Greg Fishbone's Penguins of Doom and moved the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows two weeks back from its rumored date of 7 July.

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