21 February 2007

"Bold Take" on Oz Coming to Chicago Stage

Scott Cummings has spread the word about The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, a new adaptation of Baum's novel by Phillip C. Klapperich to be staged this March in Chicago. The Northlight Theatre's website says:

The House Theatre of Chicago is at its best with this bold take on the classic novel and film. Though filled with familiar characters and quandaries, this wildly entertaining piece is infused with a cache of surprises that turn the show into a rich, lively and sometimes dark fairy tale!
Performances are scheduled to run 1-11 March. The website promises photos, videos, a production blog, and other goodies. Right now some images appear in the downloadable PDF study guide (the words “study guide” always say “fun night at the theater” to me). There’s also an interview with playwright Klapperich in which he says:
Our Oz is definitely darker than the MGM, but it's much closer in tone to the original Baum novel. Dorothy plops down in Oz at the top of the show and is immediately given a new name by the inhabitants of Oz: Dorothy Witchslayer. This is an identity Dorothy is not comfortable with and it runs contrary to everything she believes about herself and her identity.

I've treated the trio of companions as realistically as I could, really playing with the ideas of their flaws and trying to make them live those flaws: Scarecrow is very brainless, the Lion is very scared, and the Tin Woodsman is as heartless as we could possibly get away with.
Scott has invited fellow Oz Club members and friends to gather on Saturday, 10 March, to watch the 3:00 production of the show and have dinner afterward if they want. Email him at pla tin 8oh (all one word) then the at-sign then hotmail dot com.

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