08 February 2007

In the Big City

There seems to be a trend in New York hotels, at least those within cannon's shot of Times Square, to be illuminated from the outside in neon-colored accents. The lights on one building near Random House even change color every half a minute.

I'm not sure who decided that Manhattan buildings benefit from looking like the undersides of Los Angeles muscle cars. Maybe next year their revolving doors will also pump out thumping bass reverberations. Greg Fishbone and I agreed, however, that if hotels start bouncing up and down, that would definitely be a step too far.


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! And how was kidlit drink night?


J. L. Bell said...

The SCBWI cocktail party was stunningly loud, crowded, and dark, so naturally we had to go to a stunningly loud, crowded, and dark gathering in a smaller room. Full report to follow.