14 February 2007

Cybils Award for Fantasy/Sci Fi to Ptolemy's Gate

Today’s official announcement from the Cybils site:

Ptolemy’s Gate receives the first Cybils for Fantasy and Science Fiction for its richly imagined fantasy world, strongly realized and unique characters, delightful language and well-honed plot. As a concluding volume of a trilogy, it delivers everything a final volume should do, taking the story arc to its peak with a climax that is both action-packed and emotionally charged. At the same time, Ptolemy’s Gate stands alone as a story and will inspire readers, children and adults alike, to seek out the previous installments and revisit the world of Bartimaeus over and over again.
Here is author Jonathan Stroud’s website. Here is Hyperion’s website for the series. I’ll post more of my thoughts on this book in days to come, but right now I want to thank the Cybils organizing committee and the Fantasy/Sci Fi nominating committee for making me read it at last, and my fellow judges in this category for an insightful discussion of all the nominated titles.

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