28 November 2006

Sci-Fi Channel Building Tin Man

Jude sends news from Dark Horizons and The Movie Blog about the Sci-Fi Channel preparing a miniseries inspired by The Wizard of Oz. The network's description promises that Tin Man will be "sometimes psychedelic, often twisted and always bizarre." Among the executive producers are the Halmis.

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Anadae said...

Wouldn't've even known abt this had I (k)not been tuned into radio talk show hostess Faith Salie's show on PRI, "Fair Game", and her guest, the brilliant expatriot actor fr. the U.K., Alan Cumming, who portrays the Scarecrow replete w/ a zipper forehead and half of his brain missing! Yeesh! Sure bet for MY Sunday night's t.v. mind-numbing. But the question stands, will I come back Mon. & Tues. night for the rest of it?