19 November 2006

Even More Original Ice Dragon?

Apropos of ice dragons instead of fire dragons, fantasy scholar Ruth Berman tells me that E. Nesbit wrote a story called "The Ice Dragon" in her collection The Book of Dragons, also titled Seven Dragons. That tale originally snaked through the June and July 1899 issues of The Strand magazine.

A standalone edition of The Ice Dragon was published in 1988, with pictures by Carol Gray. Though the text is in the public domain, the only free version I could find on the web is this audio download, which requires registration.


ericshanower said...

Here's a URL for online text of "The Ice Dragon":

(all on one line - had to break it for the comment)


J. L. Bell said...

Thanks, Eric! (I thought I'd searched that site, too. I guess ice dragons are slippery creatures.) In any event, here's the embedded link for easy traveling.