22 November 2006

Double Feature

I can't tell if internet filmmaking owes a great debt to people just wanting to test software, or whether "I was just fooling around" is just a modest, self-protective trope when introducing your cinematic creation to the wide world.

Thus, for example, Håkan "Zap" Andersson, auteur with three very blond sons of "Kid Wars", assures us:

This film was not planned. It started out as various tests in compositing 3D graphics with live action footage, and grew from there. Even then, it was only planned to be a simple test-flick, but suddenly the kids took creative control. "Daddy, add this", "Daddy, fix that", "Daddy, film me doing this"
Usually Swedish films put me in an Ingmar Bergman mood, but not this one.

Greg Tatum describes his computer-animated "The Tin Woodsman", based on L. Frank Baum's story of the origin of the Tin Woodman, as a similar type of tech run:
The animation was an attempt by myself to blend many different types of processes together into a cohesive style. More importantly I was interesting in telling a nice story in the short animation format. I enjoyed figuring out how to juggle all of the different programs and processes in order to achieve my goals.
Tatum is working on a new Oz film as well, which seems to include Tik-Tok the Clockwork Man, vegetable people like Baum's Mangaboos, and some entirely new elements.


Greg said...

Hey, I figured I'd let anyone who's reading this know that the website has changed for the Tin Woodsman. It's now http://gregtatum.com/site/tinwoodsman.html

J. L. Bell said...

Thanks! I updated the link above.