08 June 2009

The Value of Bricks and Mortar

From a comment by Book Hound after Edward Champion's interview with Sherman Alexie over his emotional overreaction to the Kindle (since qualified):

One time, I was in the indie bookstore near my apartment in NYC, and the clerk handed me a copy of “Flight,” and he was like, “This book is amazing, you have to read it. The author has enjoyed an amazing career.”

And I was like, “OK, how much does it cost?”

And he was like, “$14. Plus tax.”

And I was like, “But I can get it on Amazon for $10 with free shipping.”

And he was like, “Oh.”

Then he covered my hand with his and said, “But can you get this amazing human interaction on Amazon?”

And I was like, “Stop being so tactile and eccentric.”
(I'm reading the verb “like” here to mean “say something of nearly the same meaning and emotional tenor, but probably not expressed quite so pithily, or at least think of saying it within a few minutes afterwards.”)

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