16 June 2009

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog

Say Goodbye, Toto is a new play by Amy Heidish, in production by the Ark Theatre Company and Playwright 6 and scheduled to premiere in Los Angeles on 29 July. Its preparation is being chronicled on a blog written in Toto's name.

This play promises a modernized version of the Oz myth. For instance, the Munchkins love too much:

One of the themes behind Say Goodbye[,] Toto is “What is the true meaning of love?” Because most of the characters have wrong ideas about what love is.

The Munchkins think love is utter devotion in the form of blind worship. And they think anything new is worthy of their praise. So whenever anything new shows up in Oz – a mild mannered guy in a hot air balloon, a house falling from the sky, a dog – they instantly pledge their utmost devotion to it.

But since they’re two of them (or there will be, after this last round of auditions) they’ve got a ragingly competitive streak to them. They want to be the BEST worshipper, which results in hopefully amusing ways as they constantly seek to outworship the other one.
The blog offers an "Ask Toto a Question" feature. One of the earlier questions was "What Do Munchkins Taste Like?" Meanwhile, the troupe has found it difficult to cast Munchkins. I wonder why.


Nathan said...

Well, I can answer the question about what Munchkins taste like, anyway. They come in powdered, glazed, and chocolate glazed varieties.

J. L. Bell said...

But underneath, "Toto" said, they all taste like chicken.