20 June 2009

"I like when Dorothy landed in Oz"

Last December young comics reviewer Liam's even younger brother Ethan explained what he liked about the first issue of Marvel Comics's Wonderful Wizard of Oz adaptation:

I like how Dorothy was playing outside with her dog and a big tornado was coming and the farmer told her to get inside so Dorothy went inside and the house got picked up and thrown away. I like how the house was flying around in the air and the dog almost fell out of the bottom of the house and Dorothy had to catch him.

I like when Dorothy landed in Oz and the good witch came out and showed her that the house crushed the bad witch. I like how the bad witch was crushed and the sun made her legs turn to dust and all that was left were the silver shoes.

I like when the munchkins came out and they were all happy that the witch was dead. They wanted to celebrate because the witch was dead and they were happy because they said that Dorothy killed the witch because she had the silver shoes.

I like when Dorothy met the Scarecrow and he woke up and winked at her and started talking. It was funny that the Scarecrow said that he doesn’t have a brain and wants to find the wizard with Dorothy and maybe he’ll get a brain. And the Scarecrow says because he is made of straw he doesn’t get hurt and he doesn’t get tired.

I like the pictures a lot. I like how the meaner wicked witch is drawn and I like the way the munchkins are drawn and I think it’s cool how the dead witch was drawn under the house and then how she was drawn only with the shoes left.
It's no dishonor to scripter Eric Shanower to point out that every single narrative detail that Ethan liked first appeared in L. Frank Baum's book. Eric did a thorough and successful adaptation. And of course Ethan also liked Skottie Young's art.

I can't resist quoting the brothers' thoughts on the new Robin:
Ethan: Damian is a real jerk to Alfred.

Liam: He’s a jerk to everyone. It’s funny that he tells Dick that he can become Batman himself and not have to be Robin. He thinks he’s the best hero ever and he really doesn’t do much. But he is good with building things, at least. I think that the only reason that Dick is letting Damian be his partner is because he's Bruce's son. He has to be nice to him for that reason. . . .

Ethan: I like that in the preview for the next issue it shows Robin getting beat up and all bloody.
(Original tip from the Batman Examiner.)

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