23 March 2009

Aeroman vs. Bank Robber 15

Earlier this month I received an envelope from London. The note inside said:

"this is for your blog."
It seems Godson's Brother had seen Godson's contribution to the weekly Robin last year, and was offering Oz and Ends his own superhero comic. Ordinarily I don't take requests, but today happens to be Godson's and Godson's Brother's birthday.

So here's a link back to Godson's "Robin the Half-Bat Superhero." And below is the adventure of Aeroman from Godson's Brother. Godson did inking and coloring while Godson's Brother is a penciller, so I had to turn up the contrast on these scans. Neither fellow is quite a letterer yet, so I'll transcribe the words as well.

JT Comics

vs. Bank Robber 15

Plus a joke page and riddle page
The brothers have been subscribers to the end of The DFC, so they understand comics magazines on the British model, with humor sections. (You just don't see those in Batman anymore.) But on with our story!
Bank Robber 15 (identifiable by the number on his chest) has cleverly broken out of his bank-robbing rut by stealing "Jewles." How could anyone suspect him? Unfortunately, he's made a crucial mistake in carrying away his swag in a bag marked, well, "SWAG."

Aeroman swoops down on Bank Robber 15, puts him in jail, returns the swag to the jewelers, and flies home in time to read the joke of the month!

Which is:
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Justin who?
Justin time for tea!
Did I mention the guys live in London?

This issue of JT Comics is also marked as "Half Price 50% percent off," but I believe I am the fortunate owner of the one and only copy, and I'm not selling.

And that's all until next year!

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Writing on Board said...

I'm off to see The Wizard of Oz at Madison Square Garden tomorrow and I thought of you.