31 March 2009

My Long March

2nd: 1,500-word script for a six-page comic about the Boston Massacre up for discussion in a writing group.

7th: Twenty-minute presentation on said Massacre for the Bostonian Society, plus viewing a reenactment based on a script I wrote last year.

12th: 4,000-word story for online critique.

16th: 13,000-word chapter on George Washington's decision to enlist black soldiers in the Continental Army.

19th: Hourlong talk on John Vassall's decision to leave his mansion in Cambridge in 1774.

23rd: Preparing critiques of other writing-group members' work.

24th: 5,900-word book review for The Baum Bugle.

27th: Panel on history blogging at the Organization of American Historians conference.

31st: Home with a cold.