11 December 2007

Worlds Are Colliding

It's rare that I see my stated interests mirrored so uncannily, but the venerable LiveJournal community scans_daily has just offered, one after the other:

And since it seems only fair, I'm offering links to the Mythographical blog of Steve Ahlquist, who wrote those issues of Oz Squad and has posted those scans and many more. His annotated collection of that pioneering Oz comic is now on sale.

The image up top, drawn by Andrew Murphy, comes from that first Oz Squad comic, and shows what made it so controversial among Oz fans. On the one hand, nobody likes the idea of a murderous Tik-Tok. On the other, the mechanical man is talking just as he does in The Road to Oz when his thinking runs down, showing how well Ahlquist knows the books. The twist in the comic book is that the problem's affected Tik-Tok's ethical thinking as well.

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