24 December 2007

An Influential Political Endorsement

I just put in a Christmas Eve call to my Grandma Lilah in Iowa, partly to make sure she wasn't iced in, not that I could have done anything about that. During the conversation she told me, "I'm on the blogs."

This wasn't what I expected from a ninety-nine-year-old woman with weak eyesight and no computer, but with my grandma I've learned not to rule anything out. Only a few years ago she took a hot-air balloon ride in Africa.

Sure enough, Grandma Lilah's featured in a YouTube video shared by the Barack Obama campaign. Click on the picture for the link. (That's not her in the picture; that's the event host.) Ilovemylife reports, "Lilah Bell of Iowa is going to be 100 years old in a couple of months [actually July] and is caucusing for Barack Obama. It is her first time to participate, too." That was news to me, so I'm glad I called her.


Kelly said...

Ooh! That's sooooo cool, J.L.

I can't wait for the caucuses. What I love best about them is that you can have a second choice. If your guy goes down in your meeting, you have to join with another candidate's group or leave. Considering I have two or three acceptable choices this year, I am happy. (Glad I'm not a Republican, though. That's going to be a difficult meeting!)

ilovemylife said...

Your Grandma is an inspiration. I want to be just like her when I am 99 years old. I corrected the 100th birthday month on my blog. Thanks for the correction.

Obama '08

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