30 December 2007

Dick Grayson Gives a Book Talk

These panels from Batman comic books published over twenty years apart show that Dick Grayson (alias the first Robin, the Boy Wonder) had good reading habits, to the extent of not worrying about good reading posture.

But what exactly did he read? This weekly Robin offers practical advice to young detectives in training by borrowing panels from Flash Plus (1997), script by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, art by Eduardo Barreto and Gerry Fernandez.

For the uninitiated, the shaggy fellow in black and blue is Dick Grayson, now all grown up and fighting crime under the name Nightwing. The man in red is the Flash, who at this point is also Dick's oldest and best friend in the superhero game: Wally West, the former Kid Flash. They've gone on vacation to New Orleans and found themselves in a hotel across the street from an unusual murder scene.

Once again, those endorsements from one of the DC Universe's greatest detectives are:

[ADDENDUM: Tim Drake gives a book talk.]

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Icon_UK said...

As has been noted in the past, a typical adventure for the Hardy Boys features them facing imminent danger on multiple occasions, possibly involving multiple fights, kidnapping and deathtraps.

To Dick Grayson that's not an adventure, that's an average Thursday.