21 July 2007

Testing the Predictions

To my surprise, since I hadn't asked for special shipping, my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was waiting on my porch this morning.

I have yet to find the easy-open tab on the special packaging, and I'm in the middle of three other books now, so I won't start to read this one for a while.

However, slightly over a year ago, I made the following predictions about what would happen in this book, based on my reading of the previous six and opinions about genre fiction:

Finally, I wrote:
For a grand slam, run-the-board perfecta, Harry will:
  • believe a very close friend has been killed,
  • attack Voldemort in a fury and subdue the villain,
  • refrain from killing Voldemort because of a conversation with a resurrected father figure,
  • see Voldemort counterattack and die anyway because of his own or a disciple's action, and
  • then learn that his close friend has not died after all.
So how did I do?


Monica Edinger said...

6/8 and 2/8 (but someone may give you more --- there's a lot to tie up and I may have overlooked a couple of points related to your predictions).

Amy at Woza Books said...

I'm still reading, will be curious to see if your predictions are right. I'm not convinced that everyone we think is dead is really going to be dead either.