29 July 2007

The Bags Swipe at Tolkien-esque Narrative Heavy Metal

Bookshelves of Doom spreads the word of the recording called "L. Frank Baum" by the Bags, a Boston rock group.

How had I missed this in my own back yard? I wondered. But I found two good reasons. First, the recording dates from fifteen years ago, when I had other things to obsess me. And second, it's quite bad. Intentionally so.

Here's the Boston Phoenix review of the song from early 1992:

“L. Frank Baum” (previously released as a single) is the cleverest swipe at Tolkien-esque narrative heavy metal since Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge.” The Bags actually one-up Spinal Tap by playing this metallic version of The Wizard of Oz with impressively precise technical proficiency, including thunderous double kick drums, a well executed Van Halen guitar lead, and some truly beautiful screaming falsetto vocals. It almost makes you think these guys could make a living as a cheesy heavy-metal band, though they would need new haircuts.
The track really does answer the burning question, "What would result if David St. Hubbins were inspired by the MGM Wizard of Oz?" All we need is an ominous voice intoning, "Oh, how they danced, the little people of Munchkinland..."

A bit of the song can be heard by scrolling down this page to the "L. Frank Baum" title. A video from last year's Bags reunion is on YouTube; you can also click on the thumbnail above. Bookshelves of Doom has the lyrics. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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