07 July 2007

Penguins of Doom—Tastes Like Barbecued Chicken!

I spent a very pleasant afternoon celebrating the official publication date of Greg Fishbone's epistolary farce for young people, The Penguins of Doom: From the Desk of Septina Nash. There was a catered cookout, lovely views of wedding and quinceanera parties getting their photos taken at the nearby pond, and good company of all ages.

The only problem was that the other guests of honor besides Greg--the Penguins of Doom themselves!--hadn't shown up. We had to make do with a Happy Feet balloon, some advance reading copies, and individually autographed limited-edition pages of the manuscript. Mine, shown above, is page 91. Yes, I'm that special. (Enter here for a chance to win your own!)

Penguins of Doom is being publishing by Blooming Tree Press, a young, small press that's conserving costs by printing books in Singapore. And that means they're subject to delays that don't affect books printed in North America, such as storms in the Pacific. So it all comes back to melting icecaps.

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