09 July 2011

Call for Responses to “Crisis and Response”

Red Sun Press in Boston has issued a call for entries in “Crisis and Response,” a juried exhibition mounted for Jamaica Plain Open Studios on 24-25 September 2011.

The call says:
In the midst of unprecedented and grave problems in the world around us, artists and communities are responding with new, urgent energy. Whether raging out loud or searching deeply inward, our muses are rising to the challenge of turbulent geopolitical, economic, and environmental crises. Red Sun Press invites submissions of work for a show addressing the critical problems of our day and how we perceive, confront, rationalize or reject them.
Submit up to 5 pieces for consideration. Two-dimensional work only. Maximum size: 3' in either dimension. Email to mosborn@redsunpress.com. Please keep file size to 1 MB each. Emails must include:
  • Artist’s name, address, phone and email.
  • A brief artist statement on the political significance of the work.
  • A list of digital images submitted. List titles, mediums and sizes of work.
The deadline for submissions is Thursday, 1 September, at 5:00 pm. “All accepted entrants will receive a quantity of free printed postcards of their artwork from the exhibit.”

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