19 May 2010

Wisest Thing I’ve Read Today

And quite likely the wisest thing I’ll ever read prompted by an issue of I, Zombie. In Mark London Williams’s review for Guys Lit Wire and Nexus Graphica:

Are there really such things as “single issues” of comics now, or are they essentially individually released chapters of longer books, since the graphic novelization/collection is nearly inevitable in most cases; and if so, will it affect the way “prose” books are someday released?
Indeed, the arrival of digital delivery to handheld devices means the serialization of prose fiction is once again economically viable—indeed, quite probably it will be economically necessary as a way to build readership.

Publishers or authors themselves will distribute their novels in installments, hoping readers get hooked at the start and are ready to buy as they consume more chapters. Remember, the first one’s always free.

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