15 May 2010

My May Speaking Engagements

Today I’m at SCBWI New England’s annual conference, this year taking place for the first time in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. I’m leading two workshops for children’s writers:

  • on what it means to write within a genre, and an author’s implicit contract with readers.
  • on scripts for comics, and how they require following very different rules from manuscripts for picture books.
This is the first time I’ve been booked for two different workshops on one day. I may need extra dark chocolate.

On Tuesday, 25 May, I’ll once again be the moderator for the Foundation for Children’s Books celebration of “New England Voices.” This year’s featured authors and artists are: “New England Voices” starts at 7:30 pm in Walsh Hall at Boston College. Come see if I’ve learned how to pronounce “Czekaj”!


James C. Wallace II said...

If you get a chance, check out the Wallace Planetarium there in Fitchburg. It's connected to a Ice Rink/Hockey Rink.
Nice place, but a bit cold.

J. L. Bell said...

I've actually been in that complex. For an Oz event, in fact. But I doubt I'll get to the planetarium since my hotel (a) is out of town, and (b) has a water park.

James C. Wallace II said...

What a shame... Planetariums rule!!!