14 July 2009

Batting .666

Today I played my first game of pick-up softball in about twelve years. (It's hard to form a company team when you're self-employed.) I learned that regaining softball skills is proverbially like riding as bicycle. The moves come back quickly enough, and the legs last only about half an hour.

Because of the paucity of players, we were playing with three teams of three and no far right field. That meant for a very quick rotation through the batting order.

In my first at-bat, I had an inside-the-park home run to the opposite field. In my next up during the same inning, the outfield shifted right, so I hit a double to far left. Ha!

The next inning, I hit a couple of singles. While in the field, I lost a throw in the sun, and found it when it bounced up and hit my forehead.

The final inning I flied out to second and struck out. On about eight straight swings. (Pick-up rules.) So obviously those old skills had hit a cliff. And goodness knows how my body will feel tomorrow.

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