12 April 2009

Whom Are You Wearing, Caped Crusader?

Project: Rooftop is a website that invites artists to come up with new costumes for established superheroes--a cross between fanfiction and clothing design.

One recent challenge was to design a new uniform for Dick Grayson, in that he appears to be taking over the Batman role for a while. Above is Héctor Barros's proposal, a combination of the Nightwing and Batman costumes that has a nifty retro look. (Or maybe I just think "retro" because it reminds me of Frank D. Foster's superhero drawings from about 1939.)

DC is unlikely to make such a drastic change, of course. The Batman costume is too recognizable, the Batman trademark too valuable. Furthermore, the magazines' storyline will probably involve Dick trying to fool criminals into believing that the same Batman they've long feared is still patrolling Gotham City, as in Batman: Prodigal. Which means no major alterations to the outfit. Still, it's an interesting look.

Here are the honorable mentions from that call. Other Robin-oriented Project: Rooftop pages include:

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