28 April 2009

Tick Talk

I was excited to read that the live-action TV version of The Tick is now on YouTube. With the exception of the original Eerie, Indiana, it might be my favorite American fantasy sitcom.

Unfortunately, a crucial ingredient in comedy is

timing. And my YouTube connection

just isn't smooth enough to serve the


There must still be some copies of the DVD set out there.


Sam said...

I'm afraid I wasn't much of a tick fan, but...
I had no idea you were an Eerie, Indiana fan, too.

I'm assuming you're referring to the original series? Great stuff!

Remember the Wrinkle-in-Time-style basketball players dribbling in unison?

J. L. Bell said...

Definitely the Omri Katz original. Not the pale Canadian imitation of a few years later. (And I don’t recall if I ever read any of the branded books.)

Though it had a trouble broadcast history, I think Eerie’s single complete season makes a lovely narrative arc of Marshall coming to terms with his move to Indiana.

mta said...

You might have better luck with the Tick on Hulu.com. I watched it there without a problem a few months ago.

Also loved Eerie, back in the day.