12 January 2009

This Looks Like a Job for Ordinary Boy!

Simon & Schuster has chosen Jon Anderson to head its children's division, starting later this month. Publishers Weekly calls this "somewhat of a surprise choice," presumably because Anderson comes from outside the company, and from a smaller publisher: Running Press.

However, Running Press is a pioneer among medium-sized publishers in combining print and online media in its Cathy's Book project. Anderson has experience at the market-oriented Price Stern Sloan imprint at Penguin and as a buyer at Barnes & Noble.

Plus, under the pseudonym William Boniface, he's author of the Ordinary Boy series, So he's seen the business from that side as well.


Anonymous said...

And he is charming and funny (if a wee bit conceited).

J. L. Bell said...

Charming, funny, and a wee bit conceited might be requirements to run a large corporate division in challenging times.

david elzey said...

Thanks for connecting some dots for me! I remember seeing his name at B&N some time back... he's the guy who was responsible for cluttering the check-out area with impulse items, if I'm not mistaken.

I have been underwhelmed with the Ordinary Boy series. I'll be curious to see what a marketing-media person brings to the table.