19 January 2009

Can the Frog Tapdance?

The October 2008 issue of The Journal of Popular Culture offers the article “The Performance of Noncomformity [sic] on The Muppet Show--or, How Kermit Made Me Queer” by Jordan Schildcrout.

But isn't Kermit supposed to be the relatively normal center of the chaos? (Along with Rowlf, of course.)

As far as I can tell from John Chapman's summary and VULGAR Marxism's response, the queerness Schildcrout highlights actually arises from:

  • Male puppeteers operating exaggerated female characters.
  • Muppets being all different colors and shapes.
  • The Great Gonzo. Who, of course, shows more attachment to Camilla the chicken than Kermit or Fozzie or most other male Muppets to any females.
Overall, this article seems to be proving the point that analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. It doesn't do the frog any good.

Better off watching "Happy Feet" again. [ADDENDUM: Video removed for copyright reasons.]

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