04 October 2008

And for the Series Finale, We’ll Kill the Kid’s Parents

And now for something completely different about Robin: Variety reports that the CW (it's almost like a television network, really!) has approved a pilot for a TV show called The Graysons. It's inspired in some way by the character of Dick Grayson, the first Robin. The only differences are:

  • He's named not Dick, but "DJ."
  • He hasn't yet lost his parents to a sabotaged trapeze, met the Batman, or become Robin.
  • It's not even clear from the article whether the show's Graysons will be a family of traveling circus flyers, as they were in the comics.
All that's clear is that the CW wants something like Smallville.

(Meanwhile, the Robin pictured beside the Variety article is Tim Drake, the fourth Robin. You can tell because he's wearing pants and his cape is yellow only on the inside.)


Richard said...

Speaking as a massive fan of the Superboy concept who finds Smallville totally unwatchable...it gives me no pleasure to know that Robin fans may soon be feeling my pain.

J. L. Bell said...

Word came in early November that the CW had canceled this project because it didn’t fit in the corporation’s plans for its Batman franchise.