20 September 2008

The Cybils for 2008 Are Coming!

In early 2009, the children's literature blogging community will once again honor books published in the previous year with the Cybils Awards. As the organizers have explained:

We wanted a literary competition that combined the freewheeling democracy of the Internet with the thoughtfulness of a book club. . . . The winning books must combine quality and "kid appeal."
This season I'm going to be a judge in the Middle Grade Novels category. That's extended prose fiction for readers aged eight to twelve. (There's a new Easy Reader category, as well as Young Adult on the up side.) Nominations will be welcome from anyone and everyone at the Cybils blog on 1 October!

Until then, you can check out the tastes of the various evaluators at their various blogs.

Middle Grade Novel Panelists (Round I)
Middle Grade Novel Judges (Round II)

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