19 July 2008

Favorite Public Sculpture of the Week

After I saw this photograph of Robert Chambers's sculpture "Molecular Dog/C3H8" in Chemical & Engineering News, I went looking for an image on the web. Not that I have anything against John Meisenheimer, Sr., the gentleman in the photo above who supplied it to the magazine, but I expected to find a page devoted to the statue.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even find another image of "Molecular Dog," but I did find a page on Chambers's other recent work, including the fairly canine "Ethanol." The city of Winter Park, Florida, home to "Molecular Dog," celebrated the artwork in 2005.

The C&E News webpage that shows "Molecular Dog" also includes a useful summary of the recent American Journal of Physics study of why Mentos produce such a bubbly effect in Diet Coke. It's a combination of chemistry and physics.

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