23 July 2008

Blogger Tags Can’t Exceed 200 Characters?

Some of my tags are on the long side (a habit I picked up from Fuse #8 and Read Roger). And some of my postings have a lot of tags that are pertinent--or impertinent, as the case may be. Every so often, when I try to save one of those postings, Blogger will tell me that the totality of the tags can't exceed 200 characters. So I've had to make the hard choice to cut a few.

Lately I discovered, however, that Blogger counts the spaces after the tags in its 200-character maximum. So I can simply delete those spaces, and Blogger will save the posting. It may also be possible to add tags over the 200-character limit to an existing posting from the "Edit Posts" page.

It's my ambition to one day write a posting that touches on so much so succinctly that the tags are longer than the posting itself. This ain't it.

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