22 September 2020

Stillwater Runs 3-D

I actually made a little noise in my throat when I saw how animators are interpreting Jon J. Muth’s Zen Shorts watercolor art for a television cartoon.

This is of course the default computer-aided animation style of children’s entertainment today. Years back, I thought it was rather exciting. Now it seems to be what audiences expect and studios can easily produce.

But with all the images that computers can help artists create, that’s as close as they could get to the original?

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Unknown said...

This makes me sad—I love this book. It doesn’t have to be the default!!!!! Look at some of the sequences built into Kung Fu Panda—just lovely, like brushwork, or enough so to take one’s breath away at just the right moment. Or, at least, that’s my memory of the experience of watching it... Maybe they were worried about overlapping the look of that series too much?