07 January 2014

Ozma with “Tresses of Ruddy Gold”

This is Brigette Barrager’s portrait of Ozma, created for the Gallery Nucleus exhibit.

Barrager’s webpage shows a sketch for this image, as well as some other preliminary sketches of Ozma and Dorothy. They look like what might have graced the Oz books if they’d been published about 1960.


Ozmafan said...

This is not Ozma. This is a preteen being cute and adorable in an Ozma costume, probably looking forward to a party. Ozma, the real Ozma, is wise and competent and in charge of a country. The drawing does not reflect this.

J. L. Bell said...

I think Barrager's initial sketch for this Ozma, on a Post-It, has more of the mature expression I expect from the character.

rocketdave said...

Well, I like it.