29 September 2013

Once a Flying Grayson

I’m featuring this sketch by Maris Wicks in honor of the panel that I moderated at yesterday’s Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, featuring her, E. J. Barnes, Kriota Willberg, and Rosemary Mosco.

Maris and her sidekick Joe Quinones (his 2008 version of the TV Teen Titans Robin back here) recently collaborated on a story in the first issue of the Batman Black and White magazine. No Robins appear in their Harley-and-Ivy tale, but Dick Grayson had a fine New Frontier-style showcase in Chip Kidd and Michael Cho’s story earlier in the same magazine.

Today at MICE I’m moderating another panel, this one featuring R. Sikoryak, whose version of Robin provided the moral center of his version of Crime and Punishment.

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