07 April 2013

Photos from Gotham Rooftops

Generally the Oz and Ends editorial team looks on superhero cosplay as an exercise in futility, like wishing the comic books were as good as when you were twelve.

Superheroes aren’t drawn realistically. Their faces, musculature, clothing, and hair are beyond ideal. We see them in the middle of astonishing and yet good-looking moves, depicted with foreshortening and all the other tricks artists have devised. It’s impossible to reproduce that look consistently with actual human bodies, real fabrics, and convention-center settings.

But when cosplayers and photographers get close to the images on the comics page, we have to acknowledge their achievement.

Photographer Mike Halloran caught this image at a 2011 Comic-Con.
ComicChic19 made this outfit for her son.

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Icon_UK said...

Those are some great costumes. Seeing the Damian costume on a kid who is the right age is a salutory reminder of the dichotomy that A) The fact that being Robin would be cool for a kid that age and B) What an insane idea it is to have a kid that age as a sidekick.