24 March 2013

“Gotham’s weird, but come on.”

Since Oz and Ends has been talking a lot about Oz lately, I figured the weekly Robin could get into the game.

These panels are from Batman: Gotham Adventures, #19, set in the DC Animated Universe of the 1990s. That continuity’s Tim Drake has been feeling morose because his work as Robin doesn’t seem to have a lasting effect. (This is an odd sentiment for a teenager, but then Tim was always mature for his age.)

Batgirl and Nightwing try to give Robin reasons to go on by dressing up as easily defeated costumed criminals like…Lionman!

Below are images of the Scarecrow and Metallo from the DCAU, looking much scarier than they should be for this light-hearted Bat-family tale by Scott Peterson, Tim Levins, and Terry Beatty.


Icon_UK said...

I thought it was sort of sweet that Dick and Barbara were prepared to go to that length to cheer Tim up.

John Troutman said...

Woo, DCAU comic love! I sing the praises of the Animated Universe any chance I get, mostly because the comics based on the shows are almost uniformly better than DC's "real" comics.

J. L. Bell said...

Somehow I sense that it doesn’t take much for DCAU Dick to dress up in old circus costumes.