18 August 2012

The Ancient Games

I may have mentioned that Godson and Godson’s Brother live in London. Where they just had the Olympics. In fact, some bicycle race passed two blocks away from their house. Their back yard looked out onto ceremonies on the Thames. And the family had tickets to a number of events.

So I asked the lads:

  • What was your favorite thing that you saw at the Olympics?
  • Was it more or less cool than this would be?
Godson wrote back:
My Favorite thing was the fencing (Aka hitting people with sticks made of metal) which was great as I fence myself…
Godson’s Brother said:
I liked the Taekwondo and the Handball…
But they agreed on one thing:
G: …however it did not involve the fencers riding dinosaurs!

GB: …but it was less cool.
So there you have it. For eleven-year-old boys, dinosaur walking through mall trumps Olympics. Dinosaur even trumps hitting people with sticks made of metal.

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