07 June 2012

“You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four”

So I was thinking, “Where on Earth could we find the right sets for an affordable remake of Zardoz?” And then I realized that the former Yugoslavia is available.

These are all monuments to World War 2 erected under the Tito regime, photographed by Jan Kempenaers of Belgium and published in his book Spomenik. (Hat tip to the Crack Two blog.)


Eric said...

Oh, my word, yes! Let's do a remake of Zardoz there! So, who do we cast to pay Zed?

J. L. Bell said...

Among today's leading actors, the one who might best portray the range that is Zed of Zardoz might be Dwayne Johnson. But can we afford him?

Glenn Ingersoll said...