29 March 2012

Don’t Mind Me—Just Go Ahead with Your Salad

After Art Spiegelman’s talk, a bunch of us from the Boston Comics Roundtable went out for dinner and chat about comics, electronic publishing, and electronic cigarettes.

After I’d ordered dinner, I realized that the other three folks at my end of the table were vegans. “Do you have a soy press?” “I’ve actually found some good sausages.” “There are some great restaurants in Cambridge.” (Of course.)

And then my dinner came. I’d ordered the Breakfast Burger: a hamburger with a fried egg, bacon, and cheese. We joked that the only way I could have ordered a less vegan dish would have been to ask for a smear of foie gras and a live oyster.

The Breakfast Burger was pretty good, really. I don’t think I’ll be hungry enough for another for at least a year. There was an odd moment when I realized that the warm liquid dripping on my fingers wasn’t burger juice but egg yolk. Hey, it was all animal protein.

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