18 December 2010

Unconditional Superpowered Love

Confirming that I’m not a Superman guy, I actually let last night’s posting appear with the name of the Man of Steel’s dog mentioned as “Astro.” That is, of course, the name of the dog on The Jetsons. Superman’s dog is named Krypto.

I actually enjoy what DC’s writers have done with Krypto over the past decade, recognizing the inherent goofiness of a superpowered dog in a cape while also recognizing how comfortably he fits into the myth. Isn’t Clark Kent all about all-American traditions? Who wouldn’t want a little unconditional superpowered love? (Well, the current Superboy has had to get used to his taking care of his “cousin’s” pet.)

That said, I have a problem with Krypto’s name, which is probably why I don’t remember it well. “Krypto”—is he cryptic? No, he’s a dog! Dogs don’t do deceit. Symbolically, the name doesn’t fit.

Krypto’s a dog from outer space, so “Astro” would be more appropriate. Maybe if I were a Superman guy with more feeling for the planet Krypton, I’d better appreciate a living memorial of that doomed world.


gail said...

Confirming that I'm not a Superman person, I actually didn't know he had a dog. Does the dog fly? Does he have x-ray vision?

J. L. Bell said...

Krypto definitely has superstrength and flies. I don’t know if he has x-ray vision or, if he does, whether it’s the color-blind kind.

J. L. Bell said...

The Superman Guys say Krypto has x-ray vision along with a bunch of other stuff. (Basically, everything Superman has physiologically.)