27 December 2009

If Your Brain Is Slow…

Looking back on 2009, I realized that it’s been over two years since Oz and Ends last published an Akkordionspieler Carnival posting to celebrate German (and other) kids playing accordions in tents (and elsewhere).

And yet, this is the day for the weekly Robin. Oh, what to do?

Dick Grayson to the rescue!
This panel comes from Star Spangled Comics, #80, published in 1948 and republished in The Robin Archives, vol. 1. Is there no problem the Boy Wonder cannot solve?


Anonymous said...

That must have been an interesting evening in the Batcave

"But I don't WANT to learn to play the accordian Batman"

"Quiet Robin, you never know when it might come in handy... besides the JLA's skiffle group is short a member and I thought you'd like to join, you haven't lived until you've heard Hawkman on washboard..."

J. L. Bell said...

"It’s not a washboard. It’s an Abyssinian fretted breastplate.”

“Sorry, Carter.”

Actually, I think it more likely that playing the accordion and singing are hobbies Dick brought with him from the circus, which Bruce can’t see the point of.

(Modern Bruce, that is. Golden-Age Bruce was able to play the accordion himself in a pinch.)

J. L. Bell said...

Citation: I speak of “Next Stop—Danger!” in Batman, #43, of course.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I think of Dick Grayson's talents, believe it or not, playing the accordion and singing always top the list. I also like to think they were skills brought with him from the circus.