14 September 2009

Look at the Pretty Pictures

At the Oz Enthusiast, Bill Campbell discusses an illustration that Dale Urey created for a never-published edition of Ozma of Oz. At some point the picture’s original background was whited out, and Campbell had it restored. However, in the end he seems to think that the erasure improved the composition of the picture.

Comixology ran an article by medieval historian and librarian Karen Green on the affinity between medieval narrative art and comics. All the usual sequential-art suspects are here: Trajan’s column (1st century), the Bayeux Tapestry (11th century), banderoles as word balloons (discussed back here). For additional Oz content, Green’s second essay in this online column was whether to add Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls to the Columbia University collection.

Lastly, Tom Tomorrow’s Modern World (published online by Salon and Credo) channeled Goofus and Gallant to show the difference between political protests this year and those of the past, oh, seven or eight years.

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