01 August 2009


Last month, under gentle pressure from colleagues in children's books, I signed up for Twitter.

I still haven't figured out the nuances of "tweeting." TweetDeck appeared to slow down my computer, which is, I understand, the exact opposite of what that program's supposed to do. And I have a habit of following someone's link and then losing it to "RT/retweet" with credit. But I'm feeling a little more comfortable.

Here are most of my recent tweets pertinent to Oz and Ends, edited for format and clarity:

Background: I'd heard that both girls liked Twilight. So I hunted for other recent fantasies told from a first-person female point of view--with more female empowerment. Result: carsickness from reading too avidly. Score!
  • Least necessary apology: young British actor Jamie Waylett to "all HARRY POTTER fans". As if kids were seeking moral guidance from Crabbe.
  • "Folsom Pwison Bwues"? Five-year-old does Johnny Cash. Not well, but at all. [Original tip from Vast Public Indifference.]
  • Large but watery tom yum soup for lunch, followed by a blood donation. So I figure my fluid level is back to where I started.
  • Planned videogame of O'Malley's SCOTT PILGRIM comic makes sense: Fighting Ramona's 7 levels of ex-boyfriends is the only part of his life Scott can grasp.
  • "What kind of story are you looking for?" Editor Nielsen Hayden's real answer: "one I didn't know I was looking for."
  • Chuckled at bookseller Josie Leavitt on how kids handle cash.
More on that last topic way back here.

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