02 May 2008

Wicked Pissah Show in Boston

I got a heads-up about this show from Dee Michel a few weeks ago, and today the Boston Globe reviewed it: Whizzin', the latest Gold Dust Orphans musical travesty by Ryan Landry.

Critic Louise Kennedy writes:

Landry mines his best humor from staying surprisingly close to his original source, but with the wry addition of social satire and affectionate parody. That cellphone for the Scarecrow - isn't that a perfect prop for the brainless chatterbox of today? Likewise, it feels completely natural for the Tin Man to walk around with a laptop permanently attached. . . .

[As for] the little problem for which Dorothy seeks the wizard's help: She's a bedwetter, though by the time the show is over she'll also have drenched just about everything else in sight. (Hence the show's title, in case you were thinking it had something to do with "Wizard" or the more recent Oz-travaganza, "Wicked.")
That's one way of melting the Wicked Witch.

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