28 March 2008

Popping Up All Over

Roaring Brook Press is publicizing this office-made video showing off French paper artist Marion Bataille's ABC3D, a pop-up book that works its way through the alphabet. This is a book trailer that makes sense, for multiple reasons:

  • The press created the video for its sales reps since there aren't enough prototypes of the October title to go around.
  • The moving parts of a pop-up book are integral to its appeal, and customers like to see what they're buying.
  • Those parts can be worn out or damaged in a bookstore's sample copy.
Ironic that this use of viral video is coming from a press that still doesn't have a website.

And on the subject of pop-up books, a while back Blair Frodelius at the Daily Ozmopolitan pointed me to the University of North Texas library's attractive online exhibit of historic pop-up books.

1 comment:

MotherReader said...

Yeah, what's up with them not having a website? Great use of the video format, I agree.