06 August 2007

Punching Out a Tyrannosaur

Bookshelves of Doom alerted me to this delightful product: a paper Tyrannosaur kit. A moving paper Tyrannosaur, yet.

My favorite piece of copy on this Flying Pig models website? "Includes free anachronistic cave man for your T.Rex to eat."

My least favorite part of the site? This instruction for the downloadable Logic Goats kit: "Download each model, print it onto thin card then cut out and assemble following the clear, fully illustrated instructions. You'll need some small coins to act as weights, PVA glue (white school glue), scissors, ruler and a sharp knife."

At my house we have a motto for any project that involves both glue and a sharp knife: "This will all end in tears." Fortunately, some kits (such as the Tyrannosaur), are available pre-cut.

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